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The Guaranteed Lifetime Income Study (GLIS)

By: Matt Greenwald

New Study Reveals That Retirees With Investable Assets Above $100,000 Value and Depend on Guaranteed Lifetime Income (GLI) to cover the majority of their living expenses, 79% on average Also Finds Most Americans Ages 55 – 75 Have Little Familiarity With Other Sources Of GLI Beyond Social Security And Pensions Washington, D.C., October 7, 2014 Read more…

Annuities’ Real Value Proposition

By: Matt Greenwald

In his recent Forbes article Income as Outcome: Reframing the 401(k) Plan, my friend and research colleague Jeff Brown – a professor at the University of Illinois – argues that more people would enjoy real retirement security if they better understood the real purpose of their defined contribution plans. He rightly decried the extensive degree Read more…

Pre-ACA Plan Selection

By: Anne Elmlinger

The ACA was intended to improve the purchase experience for individual purchasers, giving them more choices, more affordable choices, and standardized products that would be easier to compare.  Given the rocky start of the exchange websites in much of the country, it is not clear if the intended improvements in purchase experience are being realized Read more…

Incentivizing Wellness

By: Anne Elmlinger

Studies conducted by Greenwald & Associates find cash incentives are a primary driver of wellness program participation, but these incentives have a diminished impact on workers who have participated in a wellness program before and it isn’t the only motivator.  The 2012 Wellness Design Study, which included a conjoint analysis, found three key drivers to Read more…

Addressing the Financial Devastation of Widowhood

By: Matt Greenwald

It’s hard to imagine anything that has a more devastating impact on women than widowhood – especially for women who have dependent children or whose husbands were primarily responsible for the family’s financial decision making. The Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER) wants to help – and commissioned Greenwald & Associates to perform a Read more…

The Risks & Rewards of Social Networking

By: Lisa Schneider

Social media is all the rage – and conventional wisdom would have us all believe that social networking is an absolute must for business development and building customer loyalty. But for financial services companies and advisors, social networking is still largely uncharted territory – and because of financial regulation and compliance rules, tricky to maneuver.  Read more…

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