Featured Studies & Opportunities

Group & voluntary benefits providers and HR & benefits organizations can participate in and use our research in a variety of ways. Most of our work involves custom, proprietary studies, but some of our research is made publicly available. We also offer chances for clients to join multi-sponsor or subscription studies at a reasonable cost.

Featured Studies

Released by The State Farm Center for Women and Financial Services at the American College in May 2012, the Women and the Risk of Disability study found that both women and men have an alarmingly low level of concern and lack of knowledge about the likelihood of becoming disabled and the financial impact of being unable to work.

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Multi-Sponsor Opportunities

The Health & Workplace Benefits Survey – A successor to two long-running surveys – The Health Confidence Survey and the Value of Benefits Survey – this study measures the value workers place on a full range of employee benefits, including voluntary benefits, as well as what qualities make the worksite an attractive place to purchase benefits. We also explore issues related to health insurance and areas likely to change as a result of the ACA.  Sponsors provide input on the questionnaire and attend a pre-release briefing. All sponsors are encouraged to utilize the survey findings for their own research, marketing, and product development purposes.

Read about the study and view the results on EBRI’s website.

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