Research Solutions

We are a full-service firm that can do as much or as little as you need on any project. We call upon a full range of research methodologies & statistical capabilities to best meet your objectives and your budget.

You get a tailored research solution on every project. We listen carefully to your needs, apply our understanding of the industry, and select the most appropriate research tools.

Methods & Analytics    
Choice modeling/Conjoint/Max Difference analysis   Study Types
Custom panel development & maintenance   Ad/brand tracking & awareness
Data tabulation   Communications testing
Factor analysis   Market share
Focus groups   Product development
Importance-performance mapping   Public opinion
In-depth interviews   Satisfaction & loyalty
Indexing & quizzes   Thought-leadership & PR
K-Means   Usability
Latent class analysis    
Mail surveys   Specialized Audiences
Mixed mode surveys   Caregivers
Net promoter scores   Customers & policyholders
Online bulletin boards   Benefits brokers & consultants
Online focus groups   Financial advisors & planners
Online journaling   Heath care providers
Online surveys   HR decision-makers
Perceptual mapping   Life insurance agents
Phone surveys   Plan participants
Questionnaire design   RIAs
Regression/Key driver analysis   Retirees
Segmentation/Cluster analysis   Widows


Trained & experienced moderators

Our trained focus group moderators and in-depth interviewers know how to elicit useful & practical reactions from participants on sophisticated products and services. In particular, we know how to communicate effectively with benefits brokers and financial advisors because we speak their language. The end result is to-the-point qualitative data & insightful results that are put into the context of your business.

In-house programming

The ability to draw on our in-house programming and technical talent ensures your survey is programmed by dedicated team members who are trained researchers and who can catch problems early on and resolve issues quickly. We can program surveys that engage respondents & boost participation. Surveys can be programmed to match your company’s style.

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