5th Annual Guaranteed Lifetime Income Study (GLIS) Reveals Key Differences Between Advisors and Consumers

In the fifth year of the Guaranteed Lifetime Income Study (GLIS), the study continues to explore consumer attitudes about the value of guaranteed lifetime income and, for the first time, includes an advisor survey that provides an important view of advisors’ opinion of guaranteed income products and the needs of their clients. An eye-opening series of questions exposes discrepancies in perception between consumers and advisors, demonstrating key opportunities for education and client service.

For the top 10 key findings, click here: GLIS 2019 Top 10 Key Findings

For additional supplemental data, click here: GLIS 2019 Supplemental Data

For more information about the study, or how to sponsor future studies, please contact: Doug Kincaid DougKincaid@greenwaldresearch.com


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