Thought-leadership & Awareness Through PR

You deliver value to advisors, agents, employers and consumers by sharing your knowledge of marketplace trends & what drives consumers. Research can drive content marketing and PR efforts.

 Thought-leadership & PR research needs to bring a new spin to the issues of our industry.

  • Focus on the unique needs of sub-groups of the population – the very affluent, women, ethnic markets, or generational cohorts
  • Ask consumers what they know (and want to know) about complexities of financial decisions, like Social Security claiming or the need for lifetime income, to underscore the need for help with these decisions
  • Address big picture ideals, like the American Dream, and the role of financial security in how we define the good life
  • Expose gaps in financial preparedness and highlight the simple things people can do to achieve their goals with your help or the help of a trusted advisor
  • Be an industry leader by generating annual benchmarks on the state of the financial consumer and the challenges they face that can be presented at conferences and covered by trade press
We craft studies that garner the media attention you desire. And the media knows us. Greenwald can contribute to your PR efforts by reaching out to media directly, doing interviews & providing quotes, and by authoring articles and white papers in support of your campaign.




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