Greenwald & Associates Announces New CEO, Brand Identity, & Renewed Focus

Washington, DC, September 29, 2020 – Greenwald Research (Greenwald), a leading independent custom research firm and consulting partner to the health and wealth industries, announced today significant changes in the Company’s leadership and brand. Years in the making, these updates include a new CEO, company name, and brand identity that reflect Greenwald’s position as a strong, knowledgeable consultant to its clients.

The transition coincides with Greenwald’s celebration of thirty-five years guiding intelligent insights through specialized subject matter expertise. Setting the tone for other businesses looking to support their brands through the global pandemic, Greenwald Research stands well prepared to help clients respond effectively to the impact of the current crisis on their industries and customers and navigate success with strategic research.

A Future-Focused Leadership Team

Under the leadership of Dr. Mathew Greenwald, who founded the Company in 1985, Greenwald Research has carved its own space in the field of market research to become a trusted research partner serving the dynamic health and wealth industries. As the Company celebrates thirty-five years in business, its founder has appointed Executive Vice President Lisa Greenwald as the new CEO of Greenwald Research.

Lisa, who joined Greenwald Research in 2004, will provide strategic direction in her new position, managing the brand and pursuing expansion opportunities for the Company and its clients in financial services, healthcare, and employee benefits. Throughout her career, Lisa Greenwald has specialized in designing thought leadership research; exploring financial education, protection, and product needs in the workplace; and overseeing the Company’s marketing efforts to promote research conducted on behalf of its clients.

“After decades conducting financial services and healthcare research, Greenwald Research has so much more to offer our clients than just data collection,” said Lisa Greenwald. “Our ability to design, as well as execute, research programs and thought leadership for our clients is unparalleled. This a legacy I aim to continue and embolden as CEO.”

Matt Greenwald will support strategic Company initiatives and research projects as he has for the past thirty-five years. Respected as one of the nation’s leading experts, Matt has more than forty years of experience in financial services research. His primary focus moving forward will be maintaining the Company’s thought leadership in the industry, managing existing and emerging executive forums, and leading several of the firm’s well-known syndicated studies.

“I am excited to support Lisa through this next phase of our Company’s growth,” said Matt Greenwald. “Lisa and her leadership team bring astute strategic thinking to Greenwald Research and our client engagements. One of my key goals is to  contribute to these strategic initiatives.”

Lisa Weber, formerly Senior Vice President of Greenwald Research, will be assuming a new position as Chief Research Officer to spearhead the Company’s research operations. Since joining the Company in 2006, Weber has served as the methodology lead, conducting advanced statistical analysis that includes regression, conjoint, segmentation, and complex sampling and weighting schemes designed for both established and emerging methodologies.

“Greenwald Research has always been committed to focusing on custom approaches and finding the right methods and tools for each project,” said Lisa Weber of the Company’s direction. “Now we have a renewed focus on implementing automation to meet our clients’ demands for speed and access and do so without sacrificing quality.”

A New Face for a Trusted Partner

As part of its strategic expansion plans, Greenwald Research has updated its brand strategy to better reflect the Company’s internal restructuring and the evolution of its mission, vision, and unique differentiators after thirty-five years serving its clients.

Greenwald & Associates is now known as Greenwald Research, a name that encourages easy brand recognition for long-time clients and awareness for health and wealth businesses searching for custom research and a consultative partner. This is supported by a refreshed logo and color palette to create a cohesive visual identity.

Activating the brand is the new Greenwald Research website, which features a modern design and improved user experience and reflects the Greenwald team and its new leadership. New messaging also highlights Greenwald’s various research solutions, subject area expertise, and core capabilities across financial services, healthcare, and employee benefits.

A Commitment to Custom Research

For more than three decades, Greenwald Research has specialized in studying trends, designing impactful research campaigns, and translating results for financial services companies, healthcare companies, employee benefits providers, nonprofits, and other businesses and their forward-thinking leaders. Under the strategic direction of new CEO Lisa Greenwald, the Company intends to expand its solutions as a trusted industry consultant to help clients better market and sell their products through the use of intelligent research.

About Greenwald Research Greenwald Research is a leading independent custom research firm and consulting partner to the health and wealth industries that applies creative and quantitative and qualitative methods to produce knowledge that helps companies stay competitive and navigate industry change. By leveraging deep subject matter expertise and a trusted consultative approach, Greenwald offers comprehensive services for weaving rich research stories that answer strategic business questions. Visit to learn more.


Mike Mills