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These “quick-hit” studies on health and wealth are powered by response:AI‘s automated platform, which allows for fast, reliable, and actionable findings. Study sponsors influence the design of the survey and receive and exclusive report of findings upon completion.


The Role of Work-Life Balance & Benefits in The Great Resignation (2021)

This study explores 2021’s Great Resignation in America and other issues related to workforce participation, delivering key insights to drive effective communications to today’s changing marketplace. Topics include:

  • Why workers are changing jobs or exiting the workforce altogether
  • The Great Resignation’s impact on long-term financial planning
  • The role of employee benefits, mental health, remote work, and work-life balance in the decision to resign or leave the workforce

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Millennial Attitudes Towards Life Insurance and Financial Security (2020)

This syndicated market research study delivers key insights into how Millennials perceive their financial security and the need for life insurance in the current environment. Topics include:

  • Life insurance coverages & attitudes
  • Attitudes toward financial security
  • Overall satisfaction with work

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Rethinking Retirement (2020)

This study of Americans in the pre-retirement years explores retirement age and savings targets, the attractiveness of retiring early, working longer, and the reasons for changing viewpoints. Lastly, we delve into how Americans now envision their retirement years and how they plan to spend their time and their money. Topics for this study include:

  • Target retirement age and whether/why there’s been change
  • Lifestyle and financial goals for retirement
  • Changes in beliefs about retirement saving

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