2020 Workplace Wellness Survey

How has the pandemic changed employees thoughts on benefits, retirement, and healthcare?


A new study on workplace wellness reveals valuable new insights on employees’ shifting health and wealth perspectives, incorporating data on financial, physical, and emotional wellbeing as well as current employer communication efforts. Use information on the latest employee trends from the 2020 Workplace Wellness Survey to improve your business’s strategy.


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  • Discover changing employee perspectives amid COVID
  • See how the pandemic is impacting healthcare and benefits
  • View up-to-date data on retirement planning and age trends
  • Learn how employees perceive their financial wellbeing

The Workplace Wellness Survey reveals that two in three employees feel stressed when thinking about their financial future. Take a closer look at worker attitudes toward employment-based benefits and a broad spectrum of financial wellbeing, employment-based health insurance, and retirement benefit issues in this year’s study.


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees report that employers have most frequently reacted by furloughing or laying off workers (26%), promoting telemedicine benefits (18%), and increasing leave availability (17%). Only one percent suspended or cut back benefits.


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