Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey with EBRI



The 2022 Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey (CEHCS) explores not only the growth of high deductible plans and their impact on the behavior and attitudes of health care consumers, but also on the evolving health care delivery system, care coordination and technology, the role of doctors vs. nurses, health technology and wearables, concierge services, and more.


2022 Topics Include:

  • Identify unique attributes of women’s use of health insurance and services
  • Trends in enrollment in HDHPs and HSA-eligible health plans
  • Satisfaction with health care
  • Cost-conscious decision making
  • Assess how employer-coverage of pre-deductible coverage on chronic conditions, such as mental health, diabetes, and breast cancer impacts health insurance selection
  • Understand how open-enrollment impacts decision-making
  • Uncover the drivers and barriers to HSA adoption among HDHP enrollees

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