Workplace Wellness Survey with EBRI

The 2021 Workplace Wellness Survey, now in its second year, is an updated take on the former Health & Workplace Benefits Survey. While this research and its trended insights have fostered better decision-making for nearly two decades, workplaces are changing dramatically, especially in light of COVID-19, and so are the benefits being offered and considered. The Workplace Wellness Survey polls employees about their views on their employer-sponsored benefits and wellness education and offerings.


This year’s topics include:

  • Understanding of & satisfaction with health insurance and HSA offerings
  • Health & financial wellness program offerings and broader needs
  • Views on paid leave and needs for caregiving
  • Preparedness of income loss and views on income protection products
  • Emerging benefits and programs


PLUS  an oversample of Black and Latinx workers, allowing the WWS to provide expanded insights on:

  • Priorities of different ethnicities
  • Role of family in saving
  • Preferred sources of benefits information


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