Featured Studies & Opportunities

There are many opportunities for our financial services clients to participate in and use our research. While most of our work involves custom, proprietary market research, some studies are made publicly available by clients and we offer a variety of chances for clients to join multi-sponsor or subscription studies at a reasonable cost.


The Retirement Confidence Survey
Conducted each year by EBRI and Greenwald & Associates, the Retirement Confidence Survey (RCS) is the nation’s preeminent and longest-running annual benchmarking study on retirement. For more than two decades, the RCS has examined the attitudes and behavior of American workers and retirees toward all aspects of saving, retirement planning, and long-term financial security. The need and demand for reliable data about America’s retirement system, and worker/retiree post-career readiness for retirement has never been greater – and the RCS delivers this information. Learn more about RCS on EBRI’s website.

Featured Studies

Greenwald is proud to be providing ongoing support to Lincoln Financial’s Retirement Power Research Series. One study in the series, the Participant Engagement Study, offered new insights into how participants engage with their retirement plan and how plan sponsors can motivate different employee segments.

Visit Lincoln’s site for a full description of the Retirement Power program.

MetLife’s 2013 Stable Value study explored the current landscape of stable value products in the defined contribution market. Greenwald, together with Asset International, conducted this study of 140 plan sponsors and 19 stable value providers.

Read the press release or the full report on MetLife’s website.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management partnered with Greenwald to conduct a survey of 401(k) plan participants. Released in June 2013, the survey found that many individuals–burdened by debt and other financial concerns–are planning to retire later than expected.

Read the report for more key findings.

Multi-Sponsor Opportunities

The Retiree Insights Program aims to provide companies with an in-depth, action-oriented understanding of the rapidly expanding pre-retiree and retiree market. The program is designed as an annual study with several distinct research phases spread over the course of the year.

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Gen XY Financial Maturity: The Power of Guarantees
For 5 years, this study has been tracking the general financial outlook, knowledge and confidence of Generation X and Y. Each year brings a new topic of focus. In 2014, we aimed to better understand how debt is impacting Gen XY’s long-term financial security. In 2015, we will focus on the power of guarantees – products and features with downside protection that may appeal to a generation that is more risk-averse and looking to create a retirement paycheck.

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Online & Social Decision-Making
This annual survey of Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Yers is designed to help guide sponsors’ online and social marketing plans by understanding consumers’ online research and purchasing preferences and their desire for social media and mobile interaction with companies and advisors. This study includes an oversample of affluent households. Read more…

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Participant Insights – More than ever, defined contribution plan providers are trying to create better relationships with participants to increase contributions, improve satisfaction, and keep assets under management after retirement. Greenwald has a research plan that provides information to help meet these goals through new concepts and automatic programs.

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