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Whether it’s health insurance, healthy lifestyles, quality of care or caregiving, health & wellbeing are hot topics. Many of our studies in this area are publicly available for you to use as background to guide your own research decisions. Much of our work involves custom, proprietary studies, but we also offer chances for healthcare clients to join multi-sponsor or subscription studies.

Multi-Sponsor Opportunities

A survey conducted on behalf of the National Business Group on Health reveals a remarkable increase in consumers’ reliance on their employers for health information, including assessments of various health care treatments. The Employee Attitudes toward Health Information and Comparative Effectiveness Research was an online survey of employees working for larger companies.

Read the press release from the National Business Group on Health

Greenwald conducted an online survey of over 2,000 healthcare professionals about cleaning and disinfection of patient care areas in healthcare facilities and their role in preventing healthcare-acquired infection. Respondents were members of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) and the Association for Healthcare Environment (AHE).

Read the APIC press release

The Veterans Caregiving Study sought to better understand the unique situations of those who provide unpaid care for a veteran who has a service-related illness or disability. The online survey, supplemented by in-depth interviews and focus groups, provides insight on the challenges and unmet needs experienced by this extraordinary group of caregivers.

Read the full report at caregiving.org

Multi-Sponsor Opportunities

The Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey (CEHS) –Conducted by Greenwald & Associates and EBRI since 2005, the CEHS has been instrumental in providing insights on enrollment trends in HSAs and HRAs, as well as highlighting the impact of plan design on consumer attitudes and behavior, contribution sources, annual contribution amounts, and rollover behavior. Funders provide oversight to the project, review and discuss the findings before they are released, and are encouraged to use the findings to guide their own marketing and research efforts.

Learn more on EBRI’s website

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