Optimizing Product Design & Sales Presentations

Only products designed with a nuanced understanding of client needs can succeed.  Financial products, however, are often sold, not bought, making advisors, agents and other representatives a crucial audience that can provide valuable input on what will resonate most with consumers & what products they will be most likely to sell.

 To improve your product development process & sales…

  • Try a choice modeling (conjoint) exercise to allow consumers to build the optimal product, test features and price points
  • Test automatic programs that encourage participation and use of your plans and products
  • Simulate in-person wholesaler presentations and get immediate feedback from advisors and agents, using Product Labs
  • Survey consumers to understand what their underlying needs and concerns are when purchasing an insurance product or making an investment and turn those into effective messaging
We understand the features available in marketplace, the new ones being considered, and can contribute new ideas for products & services. We probe respondents to accurately capture how features should work and how products should be positioned to maximize sales & growth potential.
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