Improving the Customer Experience

Health insurance is complex and the healthcare system can be hard to navigate. Trying to live a healthy lifestyle and use insurance and wellness programs effectively sometimes takes a little added incentive, but often it comes down to communication.

Research can help you understand the customer, their thought-processes, and what motivates them. We’ve used research to help companies…

  • Design their health & wellness programs to increase participation and perceived value
  • Track overall satisfaction and discover key drivers of satisfaction & loyalty
  • Explore the decision-making processes of the uninsured
  • Motivate customers to engage more with their insurers & wellness providers
  • Evaluate customers’ experiences with online resources and customer service calls
  • Refine product design and marketing to resonate with different segments of the population
  • Understand the obstacles to making smarter health decisions and how to overcome them

Consumers tend to have strong feelings on these subjects, and our interviewers and researchers are adept at framing health-related issues and questions in a way that consumers, employers, and employees can understand.

At the Society of Insurance Research meeting in October 2016, Greenwald & Associates presented the results of the company’s own research about how emotions about health insurance companies interact with and complicate the measurement and interpretation of traditional loyalty measures, such as overall satisfaction and likely to recommend.

See that presentation…

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