Thought-leadership & Awareness through PR

You deliver value to consumers, brokers, and employers by sharing best practice information on how to live a healthy lifestyle, industry trends, and the impact of public policy changes. Research can drive content marketing and PR efforts that showcase your expertise as an industry leader.

Have you considered…

  • Interviewing consumers with chronic illnesses or disabilities to understand the best way to meet their needs and the needs of their caregivers
  • Learning and sharing tips from healthcare professionals and industry experts to drive behavior change and improve quality of care
  • Surveying consumers to understand their receptivity to and adoption of new and changing health plans and wellness initiatives
  • Exploring importance of health and wellness goals compared to the many other competing priorities facing consumers in the workplace and outside of work
  • Measuring the public’s understanding of policy changes and testing messages to educate them
Greenwald & Associates can contribute to your PR efforts by reaching out to media directly, presenting at conferences, and by authoring articles and white papers to highlight your good work.



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