Understanding the Impact of Healthcare Reform

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, (often shortened to the Affordable Care Act or ACA), has accelerated the pace of change in the health care and insurance industry.  Employers, health plans, brokers, the medical community, consumers and policy makers have all been struggling to understand and keep up with reforms.  Now, despite the increased number of insured Americans attributed to the ACA, the law faces great challenges – rising premiums, carriers dropping out of the state exchanges, and, most significantly, the likely repeal of the legislation with or without a replacement plan.

Understanding how each population is reacting to change is the key to a successful transition to the healthcare market of the future. Talk to us about ways to …

  • Assess what changes are easiest to make and what strategies can be used to facilitate the toughest changes
  • Listen to consumers as they work through new experiences and processes to get health coverage, understand its terms, and put it to use
  • Explore new distribution channels and strategies that employers will be using
  • Learn how health plans can forge more effective ties to the medical community
  • Understand what messages and materials resonate most with consumers, employers, and care providers in the ever-changing landscape of health care
Like you, we’ve been tracking health policy changes and their impact on consumers, employers, and health insurance providers and brokers. Because we stay informed, we’re ready to jump into your research project, contribute new ideas, and provide insights that can be put to use to help you and your stakeholders adapt.



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